Contact Pulse FM

We always encourage song requests from you! Our music database holds over 1,900 songs. Many of them you have heard and likely one or two that you haven’t.

You can call toll free 1 (855) 241-4050 from any phone and talk to our DJs live. If they’re busy or the phone is in use leave a message with your request. Include your name and contact number please. For instant song requests, please go to the following link:

We will never share your personal contact information without your consent.

You can also e-mail Pulse FM @ or

We will accept all submissions by artists wishing to gain airplay. We especially encourage Canadian artists as we are based in Canada and are licensed by SOCAN to broadcast licensed content you hear. Although it is not a requirement, Pulse FM follows the 35% Canadian-Content per hour format as set by the CRTC (Canadian Radio Telecommunications Commission). Our music library holds over 1,900 songs currently (as of March 2017).